Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Voter turnout

The usual meme presented by the media is that large voter turnout favors Democrat politicians, but now another reality is finally breaking through:

The prospect that Trump might turn out new voters who are highly motivated and not on anyone’s radar can’t be ignored, said Doug Rubin, a Democratic strategist who’s advised Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
"One thing that scares me the most about Trump is the fact that every one of these Republican primaries to date has record turnout. And I think a large part of that, though not all of that, but a large part of that is that Trump is bringing out people who don't normally vote, and adding to the Republican mix on those things and so I worry that in the general election along with the traditional Republican voters that he has the opportunity to bring out a chunk of voters that don't normally vote in those elections and in some elections that could tip the scales,” he said.

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