Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Orwellian candidate

It's a lot of fun to see Orwellian politicians manipulate the masses, but I don't think people are going to fall for Ted Cruz and his phony "New York values" rhetoric.

One explanation from the Wall St. Journal here:

The exchange [about New York values] also exposed a couple of Mr. Cruz’s weaknesses. One is his opportunistic, implausible populism. The Texan is a Princeton debate champion who attended Harvard Law School, clerked at the Supreme Court, worked in the Justice Department and held the second highest legal job in Texas. If he’s an Everyman from the provinces, Hillary Clinton is Mother Teresa.
As for New York values, Mr. Cruz’s wife works for Goldman Sachs,which is headquartered in evil Manhattan and which lent him as much as $500,000 so he could float his 2012 Senate campaign. We’re willing to credit Mr. Cruz’s explanation that his failure to report that loan to the Federal Election Commission was a “paperwork error,” and he did report it on his Senate public disclosure form. But his Goldman ties show that Mr. Cruz certainly knows all about “money” as a New York value.

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