Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hyperpartisan media

The media is abandoning any pretense at objectivity. Here's an example. Jorge Ramos not only wants full amnesty for illegal immigrants, but he wants to transform the U.S. into the kind of society those immigrants left. He wants the U.S. to be more like countries in Central and South America (as does President Obama).

I've visited Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Costa Rica, and I wouldn't trade any of them for the U.S.

So who supports Ramos as a supposed reporter?

In my opinion, this "disclosure" by Ramos is full 1984. While it's no doubt true that a person is not responsible for what his/her kids do, in this case, Ramos is proudly partisan. He attacks and defends based on party affiliation. This disclosure amounts to a cynical use of NEWSPEAK to obscure his real agenda, which is to get politicians elected who agree with his views.

It's awesome to watch, especially because so many people fall for it.

Here's the article:

Jorge Ramos, the amnesty activist moonlighting as a Univision and Fusion journalist, revealed in June that his daughter is an employee of the Hillary Clinton campaign.


A note from Jorge Ramos

As journalists the most important thing we have is our credibility and integrity. We maintain that, in part, through transparency with our audience, our colleagues and our critics. That is why I am disclosing that my daughter, Paola, has accepted a position working with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.
As a father, I am very proud that she has decided to actively participate in our democratic process. I hope that more young people get involved, regardless of political parties or ideological preferences. Our democracy and our future depend on that.
I completely support and respect Paola’s decision. In our family we have always cherished tolerance, dialogue and active participation in what you believe.
Like many reporters who have parents, siblings or other family members that are active in politics, this will not change how I approach my duty as a journalist. I will continue to report with complete independence and ask the tough questions, the same way I have done for the last 30 years.
Jorge Ramos, an Emmy Award-winning journalist, is the host of Fusion’s new television news show, “America With Jorge Ramos,” and is a news anchor on the Univision Network. Originally from Mexico and now based in Florida, Ramos is the author of nine best-selling books, most recently, “A Country for All: An Immigrant Manifesto.”

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