Thursday, June 4, 2015

Boy Meets Girl

Mark Steyn has done a nice job describing how NEWSPEAK has permeated society, although he doesn't always use that reference to Orwell.

Here he articulates the way in which so-called progressives are pursuing the complete disintegration of society.

Here is an excerpt from the latter:

My column on British Columbia's litigious transgender middle-schooler brought in a ton of mail, some of which we'll try to run in the days ahead. D C Alan writes, appropriately, from DC:
The fascinating thing about "sexual orientation" and "gender-identity" is that NO ONE ACTUALLY BELIEVES ANY OF IT. Morgane Oger doesn't really believe it; barbara findlay doesn't believe it; Dan Savage, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and GLADD don't actually believe any of it...and, yet, everyone has to play along with it (or else!). Why???
You have hit the nail on the head: "[A]fter the abolition of biology, what can't be redefined?" The anti-rational, relativistic, totalitarian Left knows that if you can get people to believe this stuff, then there is nothing that you cannot get them to accept. If such outlandish premises and assumptions about biological nature become a part of the conventional wisdom, then there is little about human nature that will appear so outrageous. By manipulating the citizenry into screaming at each other about "gender" (and "race"), then they are distracted and diverted from the genuine tyranny taking shape in the economic spheres - none of which will be recognized for the danger that it is by the confused collective mindset.
What is truly malevolent is how many people the Left is willing to exploit - including 12-year-olds - in order to foist all of this on us.
Oh, by the way: You quote Morgane Oger: "[I]f you want to find out somebody's gender, you ask them and you can ask them to declare it." How universal is the right to "declare"? For example, if someone declares in reply to a particular declaration, "That's horsespit" - will this be equally acceptable to the vast state apparatus?
Oh, and also by the way: Will next year's Summer Olympics still be operating under such discriminatory distinctions as "men's" and "women's" sports?
Oh, and further by the way: It ain't just B.C. - the federal Trudeaupians have this on the front burner, too.
Anyway, this is not the type of story that gets much coverage in the "mainstream media", so for bringing it to our attention, thanks...I guess.
D C Alan
Washington, DC
I pay attention to these stories because ultimately they're far more important than whether Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush is ahead in Iowa. As to whether or not the proponents believe a word of it, it's certainly true that they believe whatever suits their needs at the time: To the progressive totalitarians, "gender" is a social construct, so feel free to change your sex, but "sexual orientation" is immutable, so don't even think of changing your orientation, because we've passed a law telling you to cut out all that pray-away-the-gay stuff. The Vagina Monologues is so last millennium because of its transphobic exclusion of women with penises so it's now déclassé author is frantically writing in scenes featuring non-ciswomen ...but, if a WASP sings "La Cucaracha" on American Idol, that's cultural appropriation.
Whatever works.

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