Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Free Wi-Fi

So now the President of the United States, as part of his "Year of Action," tells Americans this: "In a country where we expect free wi-fi with our coffee, shouldn't we have it in our schools?"

I was going to write that he said this with a straight face, but the photo shows him with a pleasant smile.

Does anyone besides the President think the wi-fi in a coffee shop is free? The customers don't pay for it directly, but they also don't pay for the sign on the door, the napkins, or the chairs and tables--at least, not directly. THESE ARE ALL PART OF THE COST OF THE COFFEE!

For those who still believe this President, here's another way to explain it. The owner of the coffee shop pays a bill for the "free" wi-fi, just like he/she pays a bill for electricity, water, sewer, rent, and myriad taxes. He/she pays interest on the loan which was used to pay for the furnishings, the marketing, maybe the franchise fee, etc. None of this is "free" except in the mind of someone who is illiterate when it comes to economics and business. The owner pays for all these things with the proceeds from selling you the coffee. The "free" wi-fi is an inducement for you to come in and buy the coffee, but you're paying for it.

This lunacy is what we get when we elect someone who has never run a business or taken an economics class or even thought about who pays for anything.

No wonder he thinks he can mandate free health care! Or free raises for all Americans! Or free student loans! Or, for that matter, free multi-trillion dollar deficits!


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