Tuesday, April 1, 2014

GM is alive

One of the big controversies in the 2012 Presidential election was about the GM bailout. President Obama and Vice President Biden often repeated this slogan:


According to some political commentators, this slogan was the reason President Obama won re-election. Here's a headline from the British newspaper the Telegraph, for example:

Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive. That’s why Barack Obama is heading back to the White House

Now it turns out that GM executives at the time were covering up massive defects that led to serious injuries and loss of life. What conclusion can we reach other than this: GM management had to cover up these defects because they owed their jobs to Obama.

GM faces questions on deadly ignition-switch defect as families mourn lives lost

Another article described the mainstream media's lack of interest in this story this way: "A gigantic company deliberately covered up safety defects in its products, leading to at least thirteen fatalities.  Government investigators at several vast agencies missed the problem, prompting a congressional investigation that will bring both the corporate CEO and top regulators into committee hearings.  It’s a story soaked in the kind of revolving-door cronyism that should make Occupy Wall Street types lose their minds... And yet, hardly any attention has been paid to the story of General Motors, whose “safety debacle is about everything that’s wrong with Washington,” according to Howard Kurtz at Fox News...  
He theorizes that it’s a back page story because our TV news culture “thrives on heroes and villains,” and in this case it’s “hard to know who to blame.”Although Tuesday’s hearings involve the NHTSA, there are big questions about the role Treasury Department bailout negotiators played in the story, and whether they knew about the GM safety defects before working out a deal that gave General Motors a liability shield that would have been worth over a billion dollars to Toyota.  The GM bailout has a long history, but it’s become almost entirely associated with President Obama at his insistence – a major element of his 2012 campaign involved accusing his opponent, Mitt Romney, of wanting to “let Detroit go bankrupt,” and it was a recurring theme at the Democratic National Convention that year.
Of course, the Administration isn’t saying much about GM’s difficulties… so there isn’t any screaming-headline news about them.  Do we really need a more complex explanation for the silence of the lambs?"

The Obama campaign went a little crazy with this slogan, putting it on billboards and bumperstickers all around Ohio and Michigan.

 There are too many to post here.

And I won't even get into the huge problem Obama caused by using a fake vaccination program to "get bin Laden." Thanks to this brilliant effort, which has led to the assassination of health workers providing vaccines in Pakistan, polio is coming back.

The current iteration of this slogan is: GM is DEAD and POLIO is ALIVE.

It's fascinating to compare the Obama slogan with the old anti-Bush slogan. Will those who protested Bush now protest Obama? We'll see.

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